Ep 16 Audio Book Pt 1

thealexsteinpodcastimgThe Audio Book Of @ThisAlexStein Part 1

Back in my day kids these days a penny saved is a jello pudding fickle rickets don’t spend it all in one place nice kitty. – hyper grandpa

The best place to be a woman or child in the early 1900’s was on a sinking ship.

Everyone poops but nobody puups. Because puuping isn’t a thing.

I don’t know weather balloon that was a UFO or not.

I’ll give ya some bread crumbs to follow. – a weird pickup line for a bird

You’re hot but in a good way.

Losing your ability to see will drastically enhance your ability to check for thin ice.

DZ where kids want to pee! – took me twenty years to think of that joke

I’m making a dependent film with Steven Spielberg. You’ll be able to watch it just as soon as Steven makes everything.

Watch out world! Im coming out swinging. On a gigantic swing. And I dont want to hit someone on accident while Im swinging. So watch out!

Keurig, where sharp needles and coffee come together.

I wanna shrink myself down and get stuck in a gnats eye. See how they like it.

Observe Everything

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