Ep 22 Audio Book Pt 2

thealexsteinpodcastimg2nd Episode With Thriller Mic, See Me In The Semifinals Of ACME’s Funniest Person In The Twin Cities Contest Tonight 8/21

The Audio Book Of @ThisAlexStein Part 2

I wonder what happens to your mom’s back if you step on a meth.

I like to pick fights with people. And by fights I of course mean boogers.

The beginning is near!

Damnit automatic flush, I really wanted to Instagram that shit.

Hehe my floors have wood

Wowzers, I’m bringing back wowzers.

Thank god that starving kids commercial just came on and reminded me that I forgot to make my lunch for work today.

What’s so super about intendents?

I respect bitches.

My bar is set so low it’s being used as a high jump bar on the other side of the earth.

It’s just three of those days.

The hyperloop is just like Abercrombie. Only skinny people can fit aboard the hyperloop and Abercrombie shirts only go up to a size medium.


Go To ACME, Observe Everything

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