Ep 7 BONUS Live

thealexsteinpodcastimgFrom The Comedy Corner Underground: This episode was recorded as part of the THINK FAST! comedy show. All topics were given to performers as they walked on stage. My topics were Eye Contact, Out of Breath, Wu-Tang, Why Did That Happen, and Bounced Check.

Ep 6 Parents

thealexsteinpodcastimgToday’s Guest Is Mountain Goat, New Intro Each Week, Update On Underwater Coral Forest, Impressing My Father In Non Sporting Ways, Chopping Wood,¬†Protecting The Car When Dad Was In The Bar, Stealing Remote From Mom On ER Night, High Heels And Slides, Things I Learned From My Mother, Why Is Shaq So Tall?, Kirby Puckett Never Talked Back To His Mom, Professional Careers, Job Interview Coming Up, Observe Everything

Ep 5 Not Note (Book) Jokes

thealexsteinpodcastimg Whoomp There It Is Intro, Setting Some Podcast Goals, Not Note Jokes, Writing Haha, Crossing T’s Spelling Error, Forgotten Jokes, Knew A Girl Named Echo, Fiddler In The Basement, We’re Gonna Have A Guest, Observe Everything