Ep 5 Not Note (Book) Jokes

thealexsteinpodcastimg Whoomp There It Is Intro, Setting Some Podcast Goals, Not Note Jokes, Writing Haha, Crossing T’s Spelling Error, Forgotten Jokes, Knew A Girl Named Echo, Fiddler In The Basement, We’re Gonna Have A Guest, Observe Everything

Ep 4 Mall Of America

thealexsteinpodcastimgAlex Is Walking Around The Mall Of America Because Andy Is Featuring At The House Of Comedy, Growing Up With Mall Of America, Marc Maron Didn’t Like The Mall Too Much, Log Ride Story, Mall Crowds, Mall Psychology, Walking To Find A New Shirt Because Andy Said To Get One That Doesn’t Have Paint On It, Alex Almost Talks To Store People, Alpaca Made-Up Facts, Giant Mall With A Theme Park, Alex Meets Up With Andy And Trista, Observe Everything

Ep 3 Wrong Answer

thealexsteinpodcastimgIntroduction To Wrong Answer Facilitation Story, Explains Job And Mechanical Engineering Degree, Code Of Conduct Training Test, Alex Has Trouble Saying Facilitation And Felicitation, Bribe vs Facilitation, Choosing Video Because It’s Like Tim And Eric, Girl On Calculator Not Looking, Comedy Bang Bang Season 2 Plug, My First Time Listening To A Podcast, This Is A Podcast About Comedy Podcasts, Plan On Having Guests On Soon, Observe Everything