Ep 10 Productivity

thealexsteinpodcastimgProductivity In Podcasting, Describes Podcasting Room, Two Birds With One Stone, Poop Particles, Tweet #TASP Or #TheAlexSteinPodcast, Texting Generation, Sailing Around The World Trick, Walking Shortcut To Lake Calhoun, Thanks To Andy Erikson For Website And Image, No One Tweeted In, Observe Everything

Ep 9 Musical Edition Explosion


Plays The Song ‘Rap About Things You Knows’, Apology For Language, Out Of Breath, Playing Live Music At Balls Cabaret, Minnesota The Layover State, Plays The Song ‘Old Man From Japan’, True Artist, Twitter Me Comments, McDonald’s Face Of Accomplishment Story, Thought Of Better Jokes From Think Fast!, Sally Fields Eye Contact, Andy Kindler Apology, Observe Everything

Ep 8 In 5 Years?


Motivation For Making The Alex Stein Podcast, Explaining The Think Fast! Show, Russian Klingon Crushes Happiness, 3rd Shift Pity And The Job Interview Answer Story, Second Time Recording Episode 8 But This Time With No Echo Effect, New Mixer and Microphone, Walk By Andy Kindler At ACME Goal, Setting Podcast Goals, Observe Everything